Wedding at Cipriano’s Garden Laguna

   One of my dgroup members held their vows here in Cipriano’s garden San Pedro Laguna, I think this place is really nice in any occasions especially for a wedding event cause it has a vast expanse of land and for you to use the other space and too embellish it’s attractiveness and enhancing by adding some wedding ornaments. Also the flowers or the plants are so well cultivated. Me and my dgroup were so fond of taking pictures so kindly enjoy browsing it and hope you also consider this venue.

  This is the area where they took their vows.

 The view from the reception.

   The principal sponsors, family and of course the newly weds area of vows.

  Congrats! #Paulwalkswithfaith 

 Look how beautiful she is!

The reception area

This is a vacant area but look what they have done they turn it into a picture taking place and addicts like us haha!

Rustic and some kinda shabby chic touch.

 I was very blessed by their wedding  i couldnt forget what the pastor said “when you get married, always be the best because good is the enemy of the best, we are created to be the best by God.”  

 For more details check Ciprianos garden facebook accnt or contact them at 049 8692065. 


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