Romans 12:2

Romans 12:2
And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

Lately, I was so fond of Netflix, social media, hanging out with my girlfriends and so on that I don’t have a time to pray and my quiet time were so limited that I fail to notice that I becoming exhausted, frustrated until I yearn to relax and I want to get back from my quiet time. As I track what have caused my troubles I realized I that I wasted my time into something that I must have been productive such things are:
First, I was so hook by dvds, Netflix tv shows, koreanovelas that it made me sleep late at night just to watch every episode which caused me to be sleepy in day time. Well there’s nothing wrong watching such as long as it doesn’t corrupt you, you don’t let it be your priority and if it is glorifying God.
Second, there’s a new store open in this mall and it offers so cheap but really classy and while I was shopping I realized that I’m saving money for something important that if I buy those, ill have a limited budget for that stuff but it occurs to me that only penny wouldn’t hurt. The battling mind remains for 20 mins that made me frustrated with a decision not to impulse buy.

Lastly, my mood swings was out of control. This is the attitude that I am dealing for all my life, I don’t wanna be a slave with this kind of bondage and the devil enjoy this much. I snapped some coworkers because im kinda irritated by how they work , im also deadpanning some people because of just the feeling of not to.
With these attitude, I knew in my heart that im not in the right track, I was desiring the world and pursuing things that was not pleasing to God. God wants me to know the truth and He remind me that everything in this world is temporary and I shouldn’t long for a short term pleasure. World is a deceiver and God use the bible to show us the truth. 

So the next time I watch some tv series I must have my limit, I must consider things that are worth buying. Lastly I must take time to God not because we have to but because we are designed to obey Him.


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