To my Furbaby i’ve loved before

Dear Hachi,
You were the first of so many dogs i had that opened my eyes to love all animals. I can remember how I choose you among your other siblings, you’re the fat one and whiny, you tried to get into me but cannot because of the huddle group your siblings were making. I choose very carefully because I want to please my dad cause he longs for a German Sheperd and I want it to be handsome as possible. I chose you I don’t know why maybe because I feel we’re alike trying to fit in a huddle group but misfit cause were different. I bought you home and everyone was so happy, you seem so happy peeing in every corner in the house. 

You grew up so fast and I am glad that we taught you so many manners but… you’re such a stubborn dog, you always disobey just like  I was young like you. As you grow up, I find my heart also growing with love that I couldn’t before. It was extraordinary for me to get close with a dog because all my life I pour my attention into something nonsense.
You taught me how to love myself that imperfections are okay as long as we have each other and a wagging tail I feel special. 

You taught me to be patient and patience is not done by overnight it will take few days just for you to learn that food will be serve in hours interval not minute by minute and for me to also watch my diet. You taught me that we need to explore spaces, we need to relax some time and go to a tranquil place so we can bond more, to think and decide that we will stay positive as long as we live and a bone. You taught me that when you failed its okay cause if you want to better, failure is just an experience it will not shape you. You taught me to help and love animals. You opened my heart that I must help stray and sheltered dogs and cats because they also want to feel love like humans. You want me to rescue and someday be part of the movement with my friends on my side.

I miss you. You don’t know how much i cried when you cross that rainbow, I apologize we have to move you into Dad’s farm so we can let the neighbors be at their peace cause we scare them by your enormous size. I can remember how much you whine and cry whenever I visit you, it breaks my heart to set us apart. I miss your wagging tail, I miss your mischievous smile, I miss your smelly fur, I miss how we play hide and seek, I miss how you mess your toys, I miss how you want me to pet you with belly rubs, I miss how we talk and your comfortable embrace, you’re my first dog best friend.
I know you’re with God and you’re in a better place, run free and do not be stubborn. We’ll meet each other again in the perfect time and I hope that ill see your wagging tail when you see me. I love you before and I still love you more.
Your paw parent~ S.


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