I left my heart in Balesin Island

Last April 24,2017 i was invited to go in Balesin Island.

A destination of unmatched natural beauty located off the eastern coast of Luzon in the Philippines, Balesin Island Club, Alphaland Corporation’s flagship project, is a 500-hectare tropical island paradise with 7.3 kilometers of pristine white-sand beaches.
Located 21 kilometers southeast of Polillo, Quezon Province and just 60 nautical miles east of Manila, Balesin is approximately a 20-minute plane ride from Manila, yet is a world completely unto itself. Alphaland Balesin Island Club is your unique, members-only, private leisure getaway-today and for generations to come. (C/o Balesin website)

They have their own hangar which is of course own by alphaland, flight will just take 30 mins.

So the first thing we did is we had a briefing about the island and we had a tour in the ff area such as:  Balesin, Bali, Phuket, Mykonos, St. Tropez, Costa del Sol and Toscana. 

This is the Royal Villa (more expensive)

Oh you can see how much luxurious it is.

This is the Royal villa from afar we went in a yacht and you can see it once the yacht go around in the island.

Ok so this is Costa Del Sol which is one of my favorite because the other darker pool is a salted water while the bluer one is the fresh water.

The salted water

This is the fresh water

This is St.Tropez

By the way, cash is not allowed here only credit cards.

And my favorite seems so Santorini for me!

So we jump toscana and Bali cause we were so short in time.

This is the Balesin Villa pool which is also one of my fav.

This is  the Pucket Village, Zen style and i find it boring. But of you want peaceful then definitely this is your no.1 choice.

Next is the Balesin Spa, i find this so relaxing.

So Day 2 we went pool hopping, the transport are jeepneys and golf cart to go around the island. We went cruising in a yacht.
Literally versace on the floor!

Adios Balesin, til we meet again!

I had so much fun and learn so many things!

I love this island and this is definitely worth of penny and i will come back for more! 


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