Who will i be?

Wonderwoman said  “how will i know who will i be?……….” so she left the island.

Who am i?
Who will i be?
What is my island that makes me choose to stay?

I know my name.
I know im loud, ludicrous, and yes weird. I eat every good eats especially chinese dish. I am introvert, i wanted to stay in my room and dreaming to have a huge library with full of C.S Lewis books, parties and dancing are not really my thing.
I love animals. I wanted to go places, i love scenieries, i trust people and their culture, i wanna explore the world and rescue abandoned and abuse animals to give them home and tell people that they need us. I love indie musics, it really suites me i feel like im in the other world.

Who am i?

Im being tired of routines that doesnt make me grow.
Im being tired of being dependent.
Im being tired of papers that needed to be rearranged.
Im being tired of people who tell me i am not capable of doing so many things.
I am tired of my financially brokenness.
I am tired of fear.

I am tired of this island that im living in.

Who will i be when i get out of this island?

In this journey of finding myself, i realize that its okay to get out of my comfort zone.
That it’s exciting to be healthy and do work-outs.
That it’s okay to get tired of everything but never get tired of doing good to others.
That i can swim and a few lessons, i will no more drown.
That never stop reaching out to people who needs me and animals who needs home.
That trust myself and those discouragements will help me find what i am really made for.
That continually ask God which career path or dream that im gonna pursue forever.
As wonderwoman says, “love is the important thing and choose love above anything else.”

And i choose to love my journey even in some part of it is painful, like her we face struggles and fears, but what conquer those? It is the courage to believe that love will prevail. 

1st Corinthians 13:8a
Love never fails.


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